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Emerald Pine

Owl evil eye wall hanging

Owl evil eye wall hanging

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  • Owl evil eye wall hanging

    Height: 28 Centimeters; Width: 7 Centimeters


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    It is totally handmade and each piece is unique.
    Lenght: 28cm
    The evil eye size: 5.5cm X 5.5cm
    Owl size: 11cm X 8cm

    We collect special figure of metals as crafts & supplies. They are like elephant, fish, owl, hamsa hand, keychain, caftan, horse, horseshoe etc. They are the main parts of our wall hangings. We combine these main parts with different sizes of glass evil eyes and finalize them with wall hangers & small special metal connectors.

    They all symbolize the different meaning combination of evil eyes. While elephants & fishes symbolize the good luck, hamsa hands & keychains are believed to bring protection and safe to home!

    Hope you enjoy our shop!

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